About Us

Taking its roots from 1886, our company Ucuzcular Baharat was founded at 1980. We sell all kinds of spice seeds and grounded spices, special spice blends, medical plants, essential oils, hair and skin care oils, herbalist products, natural perfumes, food chemicals, other various kinds of chemicals, food essences, organic products and all other natural products in wholesale and retail and also importing & exporting it; bringing our five generations worth of knowledge and experience to you.


Our History

The story of Ucuzcular® Spices started over 480 years ago in the city of Taif, which was an Ottoman province back then. The family, which was sent to Taif in order to populate the area with Turkish people after Ottman Empire,conquered this city . The family moved to Egypt after spending 30 years with trading. The city they settled in Egypt is not known for sure, but it is guessed that it was either Cairo or Alexandria, the cities that are located on Spice Route. After spending a long time trading spices in Egypt, the family decided to carry away their decades of experience to Istanbul, the heart of the Ottoman Empire.

In Istanbul, they continued their business in Mısır Çarşısı (Spice Market, also known as Egyptian Bazaar), which they are familiar with due to their previous endeavours. In the following period, they focused on one particular product, "leblebi” (roasted chickpeas) after they started exporting this product and, local people started to recognize the family as "Leblebiciler” ("chickpeas sellers”, named after their business). At these dates (around 1840’s) "Leblebici Sarı Ibrahim Efendi” ("Sarı” means blonde, he was known as "Sarı” because of his blonde hair and blue eyes) exchanged all his gold coins into Ottoman Empire’s newly released paper money, "Kaime-ı Nakdiye-ı Mutebere”. Unfortunately, Ottoman Empire cancelled the validity of this paper money after a short while, but due to some injustices he could not exchange his money back to gold coins and therefore lost all his cash fortune. Because of this occasion, Sarı Ibrahim Efendi burned all the paper money he had, sold all his real estate properties which were located on "Leblebici Sokak” ("Leblebici Street”) (this street, which is located between Unkapanı and Eminönü belonged to Sarı Ibrahim Efendi with all the properties on it; therefore it was named after the family and the name is still valid) and moved to Malatya (a mid-sized city in East Turkey). With the income he generated from the sale of his properties in Istanbul, Sarı Ibrahim Efendi purchased the whole area today known as "Niyazi Mısri Mahallesi”, which includes "Leblebici Sokak” ("Leblebici Street”) in Malatya. Since he was wealthy, he did not need to work; therefore he focused all his energy to his children and their education.

"Hacı Ali Efendi” (locally known as "Haceli”) was grown to be a "Kadı” (also known as Qazior Kazi or Kadi, is a judge ruling in accordance with the sharia, Islamic religious law; the family’s current surname roots from "Haceli” s job). His other son was "Mutasarrıf” (official charged with governing a provincial district) of Malatya for a short time. After working as a Kadi for a while, Hacı Ali Efendi opened a herbalist shop with the help of his father’s knowledge; laying the foundations of Ucuzcular® Baharat at 1886.

Hüseyin Efendi, one of Hacı Ali Efendi’s sons grew up helping his father in this shop and later took over the management of the shop. Hüseyin Efendi helped people of Malatya during the I. World War, curing their illnesses with medical herbs. Out of Hüseyin Efendi’s sons Mustafa, Mehmet and Dursun, only Dursun continued after his father’s footsteps. The family, which was known as "Leblebiciler” or "Kadilar” upto these times started to be known as "Ucuzcular” in the period that Dursun Efendi managed the family business.

Although he started his education on early 1900’s, he finished high school and attented to university, studying pharmaceutics; but after spending one year at the university, he had to return to Malatya to take over his father’s job due to his father’s illness. After he started working, Dursun Efendi developed the business and established a store which is equivalent to a contemporary supermarket. At late 1930’s, Dursun Efendi moved his store and renamed it as "Dursun Ucuzcu” (the old store was known as "Kırk Ambar”, which means place full of miscellaneous things).

Dursun Efendi’s decision of their family name and his advertising tactic for his store are two remarkable stories. After the law which obliged Turkish people to obtain a surname passed at 1934, Dursun Efendi went to the registration office to decide on his surname and accepted the recommendation of the officer of registration, "Ucuzcu” (which means "the person who sells for less”). The officer thought that this surname was suitible for Dursun Efendi, because he sold everything for really reasonable prices. From that date, until the 70’s, the family was known as "Ucuzcular”. The story of Dursun Efendi’s advertising tactic for his new shop is; that just before Dursun Efendi opened his new shop, he took a bucket of blue paint, dipped his feet in it and walked from the old shop to the new one. The people who went to the old shop found the new shop by following these blue footsteps until everybody learned the news location of the shop.

At 1950’s, Dursun Ucuzcu decided to close his shop until the administration of Turkish Republic changes due to municipal police’s unjust fine. After the administration changed, Dursun Ucuzcu’s sons Yavuz and Yılmaz started to work with their father in 60’s and 70’s. At late 70’s, they all moved to Istanbul and started trading food products in bulk at the location called "Yağ İskelesi” those days (nowadays there is a car park at that place, which is behind "Zindan Han” at Eminonu) but due to inconsistent economy, they had to shut down their business.

A short while after changing their surname into "Kadioglu” (son of Kadi) they bought the shop at Spice Market No:51, they established the company "Ucuzcular Gıda Maddeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.”. With the efforts of Yılmaz and Yavuz Kadıoğlu, Ucuzcular Baharat became one of the most important spice sellers of the bazaar. With the establishment of the factory at Çatalca at 1995, Ucuzcular started to process spices besides trading them. After Yılmaz Kadıoğlu passed away at 1999, other brothers managed Ucuzcular with success and the company maintained its place at the spice industry. Since June 2006, Yılmaz Kadıoğlu’s children Ahmet and Bilge are managing the company and working in order to fulfill their father’s goal of institutionalizing the company and to carry their ancestors’ efforts and experiences to the future Kadıoğlu’s...