One of the other great things about the marketplace is that even though it is among the main touristic attractions of the old imperial capital, the locals who know the best shops in Spice Bazaar still shop there. So it is one of the valuable places which actually stays as an authentic spot. For example, when you visit Spice Bazaar around Eid or New Years, you can find many Istanbulites, rushing in the market streets in the search for the best ingredients for their food to be served while hosting their families and friends. Not to mention the wonderful atmosphere that the characteristic Ottoman architecture creates, and the great location that is very close to Eminönü port and all the other main historical spots of the city…

So, you should be convinced to note Spice Bazaar a must-see spot while visiting Istanbul and you are now pretty much familiar with what to buy at Istanbul Spice Bazaar. Now the next question is which ones are the best shops in Spice Bazaar. Let’s discover!

Best Shops In Spice Bazaar Istanbul

While visiting highly touristic cities like Istanbul, you should always know which shops to visit for best products because in an era of mass production, it is highly possible that you end up with mediocre choices. We hope that our “Best Shops in Spice Bazaar” list, which we created based upon our 50 years of experience in the bazaar, can guide you to the genuine goods. Our main criteria while choosing the best shops were them offering high-quality goods with reasonable prices, good service and being historically important.

Hayfene – No: 51

Our brand Hayfene is a family business that has a history back to 1517.Being actively in the spice business since 1886, Hayfene is considered among one of the best shops in Spice Bazaar by many. But today it does not only offer the best quality spices and herbs but also Turkish delights, perfume oils, and dried nuts and fruits. The dazzling range of colors and scents are only the preview of the real show which starts in your kitchen! Here in Hayfene, you can find any spice you can imagine; it does not matter if it is a fundamental spice of Turkish cuisine like red chili peppers or legendary tastes like the best quality saffron. Variety is one thing but the real difference that Hayfene makes is that local or imported, all the products are always from the best vendors and most importantly, they are always fresh.

Cankurtaran Gıda – No: 33

Serving over half a century, Cankurtaran Gıda is not only one of the best in Spice Bazaar but also a prominent gourmet shop in whole Istanbul. The deli offers amazing Turkish specialties. The hero product that you must not miss is of course pastırma – Turkish bacon prepared by beef and covered with mind blowing spices. Along with the numerous other meat products, Cankurtaran offers a wide range of cheeses, olives, honey and jams, too. As starters, you can prefer goat cheese from Erzincan, Ezine white cheese from Çanakkale, green olives from Gemlik, honey from Hakkari and pastırma from Kayseri. Turkish kaymak, heavy clotted milk cream is another must-try that can turn a slice of freshly baked bread to the tastiest food of all. All coming from the best local producers, this kind of a taste journey is basically like Turkey in a nutshell!

Pandeli Restaurant – 2nd floor

This iconic restaurant is not on the ground floor but you should climb the stairs just right after entering from the main door. Serving excellent classic Turkish cuisine since 1901 and settled in Spice Bazaar since 1950s, Pandeli Restaurant has hosted manyinternational celebrities like Queen Elizabeth II of England, King of Spain Juan Carlos, and many actors and actresses such as Audrey Hepburn and Robert De Niro. It was also one of the favorite restaurants of the founder of Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. If you are around Eminönü and Spice Bazaar, we highly recommend you to spend your lunch time in Pandeli. With marvelous decoration from the beginning of 20th century, a unique view upon Golden Horn and the busy streets of Spice Bazaar, and with its simple but always delicious menu, Pandeli is a mere Istanbul nostalgia that will be worth to visit.

Cennet Gift Shop – No:48

Beyond the tastes and scents, Spice Bazaar also offers many gift options. If you want to go back home with quality souvenirs from Istanbul, Cennet Gift Shop can be a good address to visit. Traditional hand painted ceramic bowls and plates will catch your eye in the first second. Filled with color, these pieces would bring joy and authenticity to your or your beloved ones’ homes. While visiting Cennet, you may also want to touch, feel and fall in love with scarves and pashminas. Used very commonly also with modern style clothing, these quality pieces could be great choices for gifts, as they are beautiful, valuable and easy to carry along the way back home.

Öztaş Gift Shop – No: 75

Another gift shop with a different DNA… Öztaş offers a wide range of souvenirs from belly dancer costumes to handmade glass lamps, from Turkish tea and coffee sets to Sultan hats, from hand painted candle holders to tiny model mosques. All the cheerful things you may want to buy to remember Istanbul or to make your friends and family a part of your journey are waiting for you.

Çınar Silver – No: 52

Çınar Silver is one of the best shops in Spice Bazaar if you fancy purchasing some quality silver jewelry. Here you can find a wide range of silver pieces, from elegant handmade necklaces to big flashy rings. Çınar Silver also offers designs with amazing gemstones, pearls and other valuable stones.

Elmas Kuyumculuk – No: 38

Istanbul has centuries of golden jewelry making history and it is a classic to see and buy these gorgeous pieces while visiting the city. Even though Grand Bazaar is the big famous place to buy gold jewelry, Spice Bazaar has few but satisfactory options, too. Our suggestion is Elmas Kuyumculuk. There you can find many different varieties and buy them with real prices.

Bereketli Tekstil – No:56

Towels, table cloths, beddings and other home textiles are very fundamental elements of a Turkish house. For example, it is a tradition to visit big marketplaces with elder family members during wedding preparations and buy the most beautiful textiles for the new couple’s home. So, Bereketli Tekstil is one of the oldest home textile shops in Spice Bazaar, which is still visited by families. If you would like to take a glimpse of this lifestyle and buy high quality textiles, Bereketli is your address.